Kokako 10

kokako-10-cover1Just about to send Kokako 10 off to the printers. It’s quite exciting – my first issue as co-editor! And there’s some really gorgeous work in there (although I would say that, wouldn’t I? – true, none the less).

The cover image, incidentally, is by Gina. (Her website is well worth checking out.)

It’s always interesting to see the new names appear, and watch them develop. I had a certain amount of that particular joy with the Small White Teapot haiku group. (Ah, glory days, glorious days!) And of course it was (and still is) one of the pleasures of editing the NZPS anthologies.

And now for the obligatory plug …


Kokako is New Zealand’s only haikai publication, so get in behind us! 

Sixty pages of haikai history-in-the-making can be yours for the measly sum of NZ$20 for two issues, or US$20 for two issues sent airmail anywhere in the world. 

Clicking on this link will even open a printable subscription form.





(Now how’s that for pimping?)


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3 Responses to “Kokako 10”

  1. gem13 Says:

    it looks fabulous … thank you for linking … i have put the link for Kokako on my blumoon site … I look forward to reading the submissions in Kokako 10 >>> Gina

  2. excellent readin, learning - haiku, haiga, haibun, tanka « blumoon … Says:

    […] have just discovered ‘The Long Road Home’ as the new editor of Kokako accepted a photo of mine for publication as front cover of issue number […]

  3. Kokako 10 – New Zealand’s only Haikai publication « blumoon … Says:

    […] editor of Kokako and she came back to say she had visited my website and found a picture she liked for the cover of the next edition of […]

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