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Kokako 12 is go!

March 27, 2010

Well Kokako 12 has been sent out, and looks absolutely gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. The cover art is by Jan FitzGerald.

This time we had to increase the size from 60 pages to 64 pages, which was good in some ways (that we had enough good work to need it), but bad in others (costs more to print and to post). Oh well, swings and roundabouts.

Hope you enjoy.


A shameless plug – Four Tellings

February 23, 2009


four-tellingsAhem! Ladies and Gentlemen! I now have copies of Four Tellings: A Trans-Tasman Haibun Sequence available for sale. It’s a nice basic little chapbook – 22 pg, saddle stapled, B&W cover.

The book is a sequence of linked haibun, written by Owen Bullock, Beverley George, Jeffrey Harpeng and Joanna Preston. It’s loosely based on a traditional Kasen Renga (and whoever thought I’d be sending people to WikiPedia for an explanation of haikai?!), but scaled back to a mere 20 links.

Copies can be purchased from me directly (say you’d like one in the comments, and I’ll contact you offblog to arrange it) or from the PostPressed website. NZ$6 within New Zealand, or NZ$7.00 with airmail postage internationally.

Actually it was a lot of fun to do. I’d been approached to take part in the first haibun-rengku, which became Quartet: a string of haibun in four voices. Jeffrey I know well, but I’d only met Beverley and Owen for the first time at Haiku Aotearoa 2008. Jeff organised the group, and we did the actual composing online – actually on a WordPress blog, as it happens! (It was a private blog, so no use going looking.) We didn’t try to match the composition speed of Quartet (just over three weeks), and I think it probably helped. I’m actually quite pleased with how it all came together. We all have quite distinct voices, but it actually jelled rather well. One of the criticisms I’d made of Quartet was the lack of differentiation between voices. It will be interesting to hear how well other people think we managed to do so!

The field of linked haibun is still very much in its infancy. But it opens up a lot of possibilities. I suspect that a greater amount of regimentation might actually lead to a greater freedom in some ways. I’m vaguely toying with a couple of ideas for a new sequence … watch this space! (Not to mention Buy this Book!)