Dig dig

“You have to dig deep, to bury your daddy”      (Romany Gypsy saying)


Daddy’s little

Fathers and daughters. Bounced on his knee. Perched on his shoulders. Best seat in the house. Best dad on the block. Keep the bat straight. Keep your eyes on the ball. Want an ice cream? Want to come with me? Pocket money. Mowing the lawns. Saturday morning, polishing shoes.

lunar eclipse –
a halo of grey hair
around dad’s head

Tied in nots

First detention.
First boyfriend.
First pimples.
First bra.
First Not with that boy!
First Not in those clothes!
Not on a school night. Not while I’m here.
Not in that tone of voice. Not on your life.
Not likely. Not ever. Not under my roof.

school ball –
dad’s angry voice
from the car


New year. New town. New job. New life. New love. New family. New baby. New choices. New problems. New answers. New grass on his grave.

beachside holiday –
wiping salt water
off the photos







first published in Frogpond


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